Helaine Olen and Stephanie Losee, business and lifestyle journalists, researched office romance to find out what all the stigma is about. After all, they had both been married for 16 years to men they met at work. Helaine had spent years trying to perform fix-ups for friends with no success and finally started advising people to look for love in the office, where she found it. And when friends had approached Stephanie asking how they could find “a Tom”—her husband’s name had become a noun—she made the same suggestion. Yet the lovelorn were appalled. Look for love at work? Unthinkable!
But when Helaine and Stephanie surveyed the surveys on inter-office dating, they discovered that half of us have done it at least once. They also found out why. It’s because the office is the village of the 21st century—the locus of community, the new town square. It’s where we spend all our time, make our friends, and yes—meet our mates. Office relationships are sweetly old-fashioned, take months or years to ignite, and are built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and common interests. Not to mention how protective office romance of women; everyone you meet there has been vetted by Human Resources. You can’t say that about people you meet on the Internet.
So much for the stigma. Plenty of people have managed to keep their heads—and paychecks—even as they lost their hearts. Helaine and Stephanie wrote Office Mate so that you can be one of them.



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